We serve delicious, wholesome, fresh, homemade food prepared by our chef in the Farmhouse kitchen. Our kitchen magicians cook from before dawn until after sunset, while we study guitar and play. They sing to the food as they cook.
We regard food as nourishment for soul and body, as a medium for social bonding, as an expression of love, and as a source of pleasure and comfort. Accordingly, Guitar Camp cuisine emphasizes whole foods, and meals balanced for nutritiousness, flavor, and beauty.

At every meal, we offer vegetarian, vegan, and non-gluten alternatives .*

Hot drinks and snacks are available throughout the day and evening.

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Imagine the ecstasy of sitting down with new friends to a lunch lovingly prepared while you spent the morning in guitar classes!

*On the Registration Form, we ask you to inform us about your food requirements, preferences, and allergies.