About From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp

What is From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp?

From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp is an educational gathering for women who love guitar. We convene twice yearly in beautiful Mendocino, CA, for a three-night-four-day celebration of women learning guitar. Our program includes guitar instruction, song circles, performance opportunities, ensemble playing, and delicious, wholesome, fresh food prepared at camp by our beloved chef.
We situate our gathering in a historic Farmhouse on a gorgeous nature preserve.

For every session, our teachers prepare a serious educational curriculum. But we've seen that some of the best learning occurs as campers talk, play together, share their music, and become friends. We inspire one another, learn from one another, and give one another courage to spread our musical wings.

Our Attitude

We regard From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp as a retreat where campers can forget their workaday cares and re-imagine their lives. With our nutritious-delicious food, superb instruction, and poetically beautiful setting, we offer nourishment for body, mind, and spirit.

You can learn more about our culture by clicking here.

Our History

From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp has always been an act of love. We decided to host the camps because we loved the vision of an educational festival for women who love guitar, and we couldn't resist creating one. When we contacted Acoustic Guitar Magazine and Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine to discuss advertising, both told us that women comprise less than two percent of their readership. These statistics sounded discouraging. But love is not rational, and we threw caution to the wind.

In January 2001, we produced the first session of From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp.