From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp offers classes for beginning through advanced players. Our classes cover a wide range of musical styles and techniques.

Guitar education is the core of our program. We do all we can to ensure that, for each camp, our class offerings match the skill levels and musical interests of our campers. To facilitate this match, our Registration Form solicits detailed information about each camper's musical background, technical skills, stylistic preferences, and aspirations. Before every camp, we analyze this data, and construct a curriculum that addresses the needs of the group who will soon arrive.

Because our curriculum responds to the needs and desires of each group of campers, our class offerings very from camp to camp.

Nevertheless, some techniques are so important, and some classes so popular, that we offer them frequently. You can see a list of our frequently-offered classes by clicking here.

To find out what classes we plan to offer at the camp you want to attend, please email us.

Technique Classes

Song Writing

The Art of the Jam


Performance Technique

Finger Dexterity/Rhythm Training

Techniques for Effective Practicing

Music Theory and Chord Theory

Chord Function Analysis

Physical Conditioning for Women Guitarists

Strategies for Developing Musical Memory

How to Buy A Good Guitar at a Fair Price

Guitar Maintenance

Classes for Beginners

Beginning Chord Playing

Easy Strumming Techniques

Simple Songs

Beginning Finger Picking

Bass Runs and Simple Ornaments

Accompaniment Techniques

How to Read Guitar Tablature

How to Read Musical Notation

Classes for Intermediate Players

Delta Blues Songs

Celtic Songs

Brazilian Guitar

Intermediate Finger Picking

Jazzy Pop and Soul Songs

Songs in Altered and Open Tunings

Jazz Chord Theory and Practice

Riffing for Rhythmic Punctuation and Color

Syncopated Strumming Patterns

Rhythm and Grooves
Classes for Advanced Players

Chord Melody Playing

Advanced FingerStyle Songs and Solos

Bossa Nova Songs

Advanced FingerStyle Technique

Swing/Jazz: Songs and Technique

Arpeggios for Texture and Ornamentation

Scales, Riffs, and Solos