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Guitar Mania Quiz:
    Please answer True or False
            1. You have slept with your guitar.
            2. You regard thick finger callouses as a status symbol.
            3. You see finger patterns on the fretboard when you close your eyes at night.
            4. You have named your guitar.
            5. You feel that you should have started playing when you were three and
                never stopped.
            6. You love to discuss chord theory.
            7. Your guitar case is fancier than your clothes.
            8. You tell yourself you'll play it "one more time" and two hours later you're
                still not in bed.
            9. You spend vacations at Guitar Camp!
           10. You feel that your guitar is one of your best friends.
           11. You resonate with the cartoon below:
    Scoring Procedure:  
             More than three 'Trues'? We think you will like
             From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp!

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Location & Accommodations  
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Learning guitar by osmosis...

Location & Accommodations
Mendocino, CA

Music sounds especially beautiful on the northern California coast! Our camp site is just a ten minute walk from the beach and a short drive to Mendocino village. Campers are often torn between enjoying gorgeous hiking trails or beaches, and making music with new friends. We think that the Mendocino coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The nearest airport is San Francisco International. The drive north is approximately 4 hours from the airport or 3.5 hours from San Francisco.  We try to help people connect to share rides or rental cars.
This is really Mendocino!

Our camp site is a rustic, homey farmhouse in the middle of a nature preserve. Campers lodge in the Farmhouse bedrooms, cabins or tent spaces at our camp site. Crackling fires, garden dining, campfire circle, birdsong and meadow flowers, forest jam spaces...and lovely notes on the breeze!
Those who prefer more privacy or luxury can stay at inns in nearby Mendocino or Fort Bragg.

Please click here to see the fees associated with each lodging option.

For campers who choose to lodge away from our camp site, we recommend the Pine Beach Inn, a motel located five minutes from camp, in Fort Bragg. It is relatively inexpensive, particularly for double occupancy. The phone number is 707/964-5603. Please note that campers lodging in nearby inns must make their own lodging arrangements.

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About Guitar Camp   ♥   FAQs   ♥   Classes   ♥   Sample Schedule  
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Fabulous Food!

We serve delicious, wholesome, fresh, homemade food prepared in the Farmhouse kitchen. Guitar Camp cuisine emphasizes whole foods and meals balanced for nutritiousness, flavor and beauty. We offer vegetarian alternatives at every meal. Hot drinks and snacks are available throughout the day and evening. Our kitchen magicians cook all day long while we study guitar and play -- and they sing to the food as they cook. Imagine the ecstasy of sitting down to a lunch lovingly prepared while you spend the morning in guitar classes!

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About Guitar Camp   ♥   FAQs   ♥   Classes   ♥   Sample Schedule
Location & Accommodations   ♥   Contact Us  ♥   Links    News


The camp fee includes instruction, food, participation in all camp activities, and your choice of lodging options for three nights:

$845: Shared room in Farmhouse
            or shared Cabin.

$765: Your tent, van, or RV at
            Farmhouse campground.

$735: Off-site lodging ( you arrange ).
$1,045: Private room in the
            Farmhouse or private Cabin.

The Farmhouse.

Refund Policy: We'll happily refund 50% of your Registration Fee if you cancel before the Registration Deadline date. We can give no refunds for cancellations received after that date.

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Guitar Class Descriptions

Beginning Classes:
Beginning Chord Playing
Simple Songs for Beginners
Beginning Fingerpicking:
Bass Runs and Simple Ornaments
Accompaniment Techniques
How to Read Guitar Tablature
How to Read Musical Notation
Beginning Song Writing:

Advanced Beginning Classes:
Fingerpicking Skills
Song Accompaniment: hammers, pulls, bends, slides, fills and ornaments

Songs in Altered Tunings: learn chords and songs in DADGAD and open tunings
Jamming Skills
Chord Theory

Intermediate Level Classes:
Delta Blues Songs
Chord Melody Playing
Celtic Guitar: Celtic soul, often in DADGAD tuning
Brazilian Guitar: Bossa Nova Rhythm Chords
Swing/Jazz: gorgeous melodies
                       from the '30s and '40s
                       emphasizing moveable

                       four-finger chords and
                       interesting guitar accompaniments
Song Writing
Music Theory
Advanced Level Classes:
Chord Melody Playing, Filling and Ornamentation
Arranging for Solo Guitar
Bossa Nova
Chord Theory: special attention to voice leading and extended chord voicings

Buying a Guitar -- Used, New, Online, From a Store
Performance Ssupport and Technique
Song Writers' Workshop
Amplification Technique
Ensemble Playing
Yoga for Guitar Players

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About Guitar Camp   ♥   FAQs      Sample Schedule   Contact Us
Location & Accommodations   ♥   Food   ♥   Links    News